Garden Seeds – Voeme

Garden Seeds – Voeme


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Product Description

Garden Seeds

Freshly packed quality imported seeds.


Since varieties may differ depending on available stock,

Please feel free to contact us for exact current variety,

Or any other info.


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Other Garden Seeds (Home Pack) available:

–  Betterave  [Beetroot]

–  Brède Blanc  [Pak Choi White Stem]

–  Brède Canton (Tom Pouce Blanc)  [Pak Choi Canton]

–  Brède de Chine Frisé  [Mustard Greens]

–  Brède Malbar/National (Kotachi)  [Amaranth Kotachi]

–  Brède Tom Pouce  [Pak Choi Shanghai]

–  Brède Vert  [Pak Choi Green Stem]

–  Bringelle Longue (Aubergine)  [Brinjal/Eggplant Long]

–  Bringelle Ronde/Farcie  (Aubergine)  [Brinjal/Eggplant Round]

–  Calebasse Natale Mauricienne  [Calabash/Bottle Gourd Maurician]

–  Carotte  [Carrot]

–  Céleri Blanc  [Celery White/Golden Stalk]

–  Chou  [Cabbage]

–  Concombre Blanc  [Cucumber White]

–  Cotomili  [Coriander/Cilantro]

–  Courgette  [Squash Zucchini]

–  Echalote (Queue d’Oignon/Ciboule)  [Bunching/Spring Onions (Scallion)]

–  Giraumon  [Squash Pumpkin]

–  Haricot Vert  [Bush Beans]

–  Kim Choy (Queue d’Ail)  [Chinese Leek]

–  Laitue Blond [Lettuce]

–  Margose  [Bitter Gourd]

–  Pâtisson  [Squash Yellow UFO]

–  Patole  [Snake Gourd]

–  Persil Frisé  [Parsley Curly Leaf]

–  Petsai Frisé  [Chinese Cabbage Leafy]

–  Petsai Pomé  [Chinese Cabbage Nappa]

–  Piment Carri  [Chili Pepper Anaheim]

–  Piment Long  [Chili Pepper Long]

–  Piment Petit  [Chili Pepper Small]

–  Piment Salade (Poivron)  [Sweet/Bell Pepper (Capsicum)]

–  Pipengaille  [Ridge Gourd]

–  Poireau  [Leek]

–  Pomme d’Amour (Tomate)  [Tomato]

–  Radis  [Radish]

–  Rave Court/Rond  [Chinese Radish Small/Round]

–  Rave Long  [Chinese Radish Long Type]

–  Satteo (Pois Mange-Tout)  [Snow/Sugar Peas]

–  Thym  [Thyme]

–  Tomate Salade  [Tomato]

–  Voème  [Yardlong/Asparagus Beans (Cowpea)]


Dabee Sons & Co.

John Kennedy St., Vacoas

Whatsapp(Message) or TXT(SMS): 59 72 73 73

Tel: 696 38 41


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